Thursday, March 3, 2011

Piracy news

Although I try to not to dwell on the Somalia piracy issues, as they have (in the past) tended to target commercial vessels, here is another attack on a civilian vessel that was foiled.

Yacht crew rescued from pirate attack by private security firm
- from the good folks at gCaptain.

This blog tends to support the cruising and recreational boating community, and we like to focus on what you the boater can do to protect you and the family. For those so inclined, here's a link to a small device that could help you in a close-quarters type event - Comtech stinger.


conwict said...


I just noticed this. Again, thanks. I think the Stinger really is a great part of an overall system. I don't know much about maritime security and certainly look forward to learning, but I do know that a small, easily concealable, nonlethal weapon that is allowed virtually anywhere is great when traveling internationally. Also I think having one can be a very reassuring proposition as one does not want to resort to gun/knife in unarmed close quarter fights.

Did you see my review of the BK14? You might like that too.

Talk soon.

conwict said...

Also - in the context of int'l maritime travel - the stinger would be nice in highly restrictive areas where other weapons are out of the question in port.