Monday, February 2, 2009

US seamen are being trained to fend off pirates

A couple of quotes applicable to the recreational/civilian side of the boating community.

"If I've done anything, I've shown them that this isn't a joke, it's not about parrots and eye patches and Blackbeard and all that," Nincic said. "It's very real and it's a problem without an easy solution."

And the following:

" In the old days, ships were armed with cannons to guard against pirates. But nowadays, crew members for the most part do not carry guns. And maritime instructors say that arming crews is not the answer.

It is illegal for crews to carry weapons in the territorial waters of many nations, and ship captains are wary of arming crew members for fear of mutinies, Nincic said. Also, some worry that arming crew members would only cause the violence to escalate.

Instead, the best defense is vigilance, Nincic tells students.

"If you demonstrate a culture of awareness, that you look like you know you're in pirate waters and are clearly standing watch, patrolling, etc., the pirates know you're going to be more difficult to board and are possibly going to wait for the next ship and board the one that's easier," she said. "

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theotherryan said...

Not an expert on Maritime security by any means, I am a soldier by trade so I know a bit about defense. While avoidance is essential (and probably the biggest part) it is darn hard to effectively defend yourself against people with guns unless you have guns.

If mutinies are a concern then fire bad employees and get better ones. Has there been a mutiny (of a non press ganged crew) since CPT Bleye?