Saturday, February 21, 2009

Three News Items - Feb 09 - Piracy, Rio Dulce, Guadelupe

Here are three news items I came across -
"Pirate Attacks on Sailing Yachts - Piracy Warnings"
Selected quote - "The purpose of this is not to frighten people. The fact is that being attacked on a private yacht is relatively rare in most areas of the world. However, there are certain hotspots where it is best to be on guard, and some which should be avoided. You'll notice below that many places are on the warning list, even though there were no reported attacks against yachts. These areas have been identified either because local criminal activity, or piracy against other vessels are taken as evidence of a potential risk to yachts. Though nothing is officially reported, the issue in many of these places is that "piracy against a yacht" simply doesn't exist as a legal definition."
"Rio Dulce: heading for safer waters"
Comment: Great to see local level actions helping other people.
Comment: Read the news reports before venturing off into the world. The better informed you are, the better you can prepare and protect yourselves.

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