Saturday, February 18, 2012

Realistic Training Environments

An article was posted at Low Tech Combat recently, talking about the reasons to train in and around your vehicle.

This subject should be addressed, especially for those in the realistic self defense community. In the 70's, I read articles of Al Dacascos training in a studio that had a bar (with stools) inside.

I believe you need safe, flat, well lit areas to practice basic movements, experiment with new drills, etc. Once a person understands basic movements, move directly into confined environments and discover for yourself the actions that work, need modification, etc. How can you use the tight confines of a vessel to your advantage? Generally, there are also many more 'improvised' weapons available on board - how can that work to your advantage (as well as disadvantage)?

This applies to weaponry as well, particularly knives and firearms, not just empty handed skills.

Hope to get more posts in during the coming months.

Train hard, train smart, train always.

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