Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tobago News

Three from Noonsite:
 Tobago: Local Reaction to Latest Crime Against Yachts

 Tobago: Plymouth, Great Courland Bay - Daytime robbery/break-in

 Tobago: 2nd Security Incident Against Yachts this Month

"Peter and I recognize that we have been pretty happy-go-lucky cruisers, and are now aware that we have been foolishly loose about security. We are already beginning the process of installing security systems, including locking metal grates for our companionway and hatches as well as lights and alarms. We are extremely grateful to the careful reporting of Kate and Allen of Mendocino Queen about their incident in the Cays, which kept us very conscious of the need to raise a ruckus as soon as we could. We are exceedingly grateful to our fellow travelers in Tobago whose tremendous help and TLC were so easily and thoroughly given. We are grateful for the bonding that has occurred among all of us, and particularly between Peter and me. We also are grateful for whatever divine intervention may have assisted in keeping our losses so small. We intend to continue cruising undeterred, albeit with heightened awareness and diligence."

 Take precautions before you need them. And if you like my posts, please comment and let me know. Looking for constructive feedback.
Remember to aim for center mass.....

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