Monday, November 2, 2009

Noonsite articles for 02 Nov....

An update on the British couple taken by Somali pirates - - seems the pirates realize they are not the source of unimaginable wealth as first thought.
Off Nicaragua, a 47' sailing yacht was boarded -
Somewhere the lawyers are developing the legal definitions between pirates, thieves, misunderstood fishermen, local rights activists, etc. Bottom line, asshats with guns and bad intentions are out there - denying otherwise can lead to a rude (and deadly) realization. Take care of yourselves while cruising - enjoy but be aware.

I just finished reading 'Meditation on Violence' by Rory Miller.
Highly recommended reading for self-defense/security minded folks.
A few quotes from the book.
From the preface - Never, ever, ever delegate responsibility for your own safety. Never, ever, ever, override your own experience and common sense on the say-so of some self-proclaimed 'expert'.
Never, ever, ever ignore what your eyes see because it isn't what you imagined.

And later - In general, respond to the situation as it is. Not to your fantasy and not to your paranoia.

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