Saturday, October 24, 2009

'Meditations on Violence' comments

I just finished reading 'Meditation on Violence' by Rory Miller.
Highly recommended reading for self-defense/security minded folks.
A few quotes from the book.
From the preface - Never, ever, ever delegate responsibility for your own safety. Never, ever, ever, override your own experience and common sense on the say-so of some self-proclaimed 'expert'.
Never, ever, ever ignore what your eyes see because it isn't what you imagined.

And later - In general, respond to the situation as it is. Not to your fantasy and not to your paranoia.

I will be reading this book again, taking more time to digest the lessons he imparts.


matt said...

Very cool, and thanks for pointing out the book.

Don Weiss said...

Thanks for the comment. Have you checked out the rest of the blog?

WatchFrog said...

Sounds like an awesome book!

Don Weiss said...

It is. When Sean is done, borrow it from him. Then let me know so I can read it in more detail.