Sunday, August 10, 2008

Coda Octopus - Underwater Inspection System in 4 Dimensions

I had the pleasure of receiving a demonstration of the CODA UIS (Underwater Inspection System) in St. Petersburg, Florida this week. It is 4 dimensional as it works to provide information on the Height, Width, and Depth (3D) with the fourth dimension, Time, added in.

Basically, it provides a graphic display of the sea floor (or hull, or pilings under the pier) visually in real time - as you are traveling the length of the pier face, it is giving you the visual output at the same time - great for spotting anomalies that you will want to investigate further (such as suspicious objects, divers, etc.).

It can be a mobile platform (outfitted to a small craft) or a static position - the employment method is really limited to the imagination of the user.

For more information, please go to Let me know what you think.

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